Youth/YA Camp 2019

Youth/YA Camping Trip 2019

When: 18th – 21st October
Where: Archer Camping ground, D’Aguilar National Park
How to register: Online @
Cost: $40

When in more detail:
• 18th – 21st October
• Meeting @ Church 5.30pm 18th October (please eat prior)
• Returning 1pm 21st October

• Fun, Friends, Fire (literally)
• Enjoy the beautiful camp archer:
o Rock pools, real fires, exploring,
• Enjoy the awesome people (friends are not just welcome, we encourage you to bring them)
• Enjoy times with God around our nightly camp fire
• Much more

What to bring:
• Bible
• Clothes (warm for nights, swim wear, shoes, etc.)
• Cutlery, crockery, mug, etc (plastic or metal- we’re camping)
• Food
o A leader will be in contact to coordinate this
o We will provide all cooking facilities
• Toiletries
o We will set up showers,
o There are flushing toilets
• Torch/light
• Sleeping bag & Mattress/stretcher/camp mat
• Camp chair
• Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent
• Water bottle (we’ll get a large amount of water)
• We will provide the “base camp” items including cooking facilities, marquees, lighting, showers. You bring the rest. i.e. anything you would need, you bring, below is a guide)

What not to bring:
• Mobile phone/game device
o Note: there is no power or mobile reception @ campsite
• Large amounts of money
• Good clothing/items you couldn’t bear to get dirty/lost

For more information contact Leisel: 0451 757 304 [email protected]

Where in more detail:
• D’Aguilar National Park
• Archer Camping ground
• Rasmussen Rd, MT Mee
• 1hr 20 min from Logan

Food in more Detail
• Each person will look after their own food
• We are a substantial drive from shops, so please plan well
• We will have open fire & camp stoves for cooking, we’ll have pots, fry pans, jaffle irons.
• Canned foods work well
o i.e. “ManCans” “Campbell’s Chunky”. These can be either heated on a stove or in fire, or can make a tasty jaffle
• Noodles, bread, cereals, milk (recommend long life poppers, can be hard to keep things cold)
• You may like to pre-make a meal or two and freeze them. These can work as great icebricks in an esky as well as a great feed once thawed out. i.e. curry sausages, casserole, satay, etc.
• Marshmallows for fire