Calvary Family Church is an Affiliated Church Member of the Crosslink Christian Network of churches across Australia. The network is a life giving network of local churches and ministries in Australia that seeks to strengthen, support and resource ministry that is committed to the fulfilment of the Great Commission in our generation. Crosslink churches are locally run but nationally linked in a network that provides identity, accountability and ministry support.

Our Vision

“To support, resource and develop Australian churches and ministries so that they can fulfil their God given vision and purpose.”

Our Mission

“We seek to fulfil our objectives through godly anointed leadership, loving and practical fellowship, sharing resources, and efficient, appropriate administrative support.”

Our Name

Crosslink is a term from the field of chemistry. To describe it roughly, the crosslink is what enables rubber to become strong, bonded and flexible enough for uses such as car tyres. The Christian and ministry associations of the name are obvious. We believe that the moving of the Spirit of God in this nation calls for a network of local churches / ministries and their leaders that is authentically Australian, strong and bonded to God’s purposes and yet flexible. The use of the name like this has another motive. The main identity for our fellowships is with its own locality. We seek to flow in unity with other local churches and their leaders to see whole regions reached for Christ. Crosslink seeks to provide elements that cannot be provided locally in order for churches and their leaders to function with full liberty and accountability.

We acknowledge the need in Australian Christian ministry for variety in developing local vision and emphasis. Since the network is relational, it depends on the strength of the relationship, not the degree of conformity, with its chemical counterpart, which seek to build unity with flexibility. We recognise that this is a period of transition for churches / ministries and their leaders. Through a sense of belonging, we seek to foster greater potential to help each other get on with the job of fulfilling the plan of God for this nation.

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