Family Camp 2019


****Please Note: We will be setting up camp showers as there isn’t a shower block at the camp site.  There are composting toilets at the camp site.

Meal Ideas

  • Sausages on bread – Easy to cook & not much mess to clean up
  • Chicken Kebabs – Prepare, marinate & freeze at home then pop in your esky as you leave
  • Jacket Potatoes – A classic
  • Sausage Casserol (or any other casserol or stew) – Make it at home and freeze. Bring it along in your esky, plus a pot to heat it up in.
  • Jaffles – Bring some bread and cans of food, we’ll provide the jaffle irons
  • 2 Can Nachos – Heat a tin of Stagg Chili (Classic Chili with Beans) and a tin of kidney beans. Fry off a diced onion. Lay out cornchips on a plate, pour over the 2 cans, add the onion plus some grated cheese and sour cream.
  • Pancakes – Perfect for Breaky, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks….
  • Bacon and eggs – Also great for breaky, luch, dinner, dessert?
  • 2 Minute noodles – Quick and simple
  • Hamburgers
  • Banana Splits – Cut banana lengthways leaving the skin on. Stuff with mini marshmallows & choc chips. Wrap well in foil and throw into coals. Cook for 5min or until the filling has melted and eat with a spoon. Delicious (although a tad messy)