Calvary Youth – Boy’s Camp

Boy’s camp is happening again this year, so please find some information below and the form to register.  I know sadly we had to postpone initial plans in April. We do feel that we will be able to run Camp safely in December.  This is due to the health situation is looking promising in Queensland and the Covid-safe plan the campsite has in place.

BOYS CAMP: – Bigriggen Camping Ground; 15 minutes from Rathdowney

Departure: After last day of school (11th December) we will meet at 5pm to pack the cars/trailers. We will then head to the youth breakup and sleep at Church in order to make a bright and early start on the 12th.

Return: Monday 14th April, KP Centre by 3:30pm; Leaving camp by 1pm with a stop for lunch.

COST: – $50 – (and a few dollars for the onsite canteen and lunch on the way back)

Tenting, meals and some snacks included


2 Towels & Tea Towels for dishes Toiletries (Sunscreen)
Sleeping gear (Sleeping bag, Mat, pillow)
$1 coins for showers  
Clothes suitable for bushwalking
Bible (if you have one)
Water bottle
Plastic bowls, plates, cutlery
Camping chair

This is not an exhaustive list, bringing other awesome camping items is more than welcome but please run items by Thomas prior to the day as space in cars is limited. Please don’t bring valuables as we cannot accept liability for if they are lost or damaged.

For more information, please contact the church office on 3801 3488.