Elvanto Instructions for Life Group Leaders

Logging In
To log into elvanto go to calvary.org.au/lifegroup and click on the elvanto link. After entering your username and password this link will take you directly to your group profile.

If you don’t know your username you can use your email address instead. If you’ve forgotten your password, there is an ‘I forgot my password’ link when you log into elvanto.

If you have any further trouble with elvanto please contact your Life Group Coordinators, Josh & Natalie Shingles, to have this rectified.

30 Second Life Group Report
After each meeting with your group log into elvanto and go to your group’s profile.

Click the Reporting tab then click the Submit Group Report link towards the top right of your page.

The Report Date is the date your group met. Tick off who was there. Add relevant notes, and click Submit Report. It’s that easy!!!

TIP: Writing a few things down in the Notes sections enables Life Group Leaders (you) and the Pastoral Care Team to track the care and support we provide.

Contacting Your Group
Leaders can use elvanto to contact their group. After logging in click on your group to open your group profile. On the left hand side click Contact Group. This provides an easy way to email your entire group.

To find an individual’s contact details go to your group profile then click on a group member’s name to bring up their individual profile. All relevant information will be there for you. Note that Life Group leaders only have access to the profiles of their group members.