Gem stands for Growing, Encouraging & Mentoring. Mentoring is a relationship for the purpose of imparting love, godliness, confidence, insight and wisdom. The result of a mentoring relationship is encouragement and equipping to live in the fullness of God.A mentoring relationship is a special bond. It is a friendship with the intention of growing together in Christ and is a time set aside to discuss the deep truths of faith, to encourage, to stand together in prayer and to be accountable to each other.

Mentoring can be between peers or between a mature Christian and someone younger in faith.

Phone the office 38013488 to make contact with Trish Stephens who can help you find a mentoring partner.

Trish is our GEM co-ordinator. Read about her own mentoring journey

I used to be envious of people who could put a date to the beginning of their Christian journey, thinking that mine seemed to lack a specific starting day. But then God showed me that I was wrong.

Although I attended Sunday School and later attended Youth Group, I drifted away from church for a time. It was after the birth of my first child that I felt drawn back to church. However, although I attended church and enjoyed the fellowship, I was totally unaware that something was missing, and that was a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I knew about Him rather than really knowing Him. But God is good and He is able to do more than we could ask or imagine’!

In November 1989 my dad was about to undergo surgery for bowel cancer. I was feeling depressed and despondent. I sat in my bedroom and began to talk with the Lord. It was a very personal prayer in which I simply told Him how I was feeling. But then in praying for healing for my dad I found myself praying a simple version of what I now know was the sinner’s prayer. I gave my life to the Lord. Two short days later was Sunday and I was determined to find a church and show the Lord that I was serious.

Little did I realise that my simple prayer was already being answered and that God’s plan was a lot more than I could ever have asked. He had a special someone to walk with me and encourage me on my journey of getting close to Him. It was on this Sunday morning that I met a beautiful lady who was to become my mentor and my friend. Immediately I could see that she was very caring and compassionate and that she had something that I wanted. It became my desire to make Sunday morning church a priority and for our family to join a Life Group which was a great blessing.

This wonderful woman was a source of encouragement to me during those difficult weeks. She prayed, she called often, she visited and she offered assistance with the daily needs of life like meals. After many weeks she was then able to join me in celebrating as Dad’s health improved and he recovered from the operation and the cancer. This amazing relationship continued to grow and to bless me. Through my many questions and our regular time together I was able to learn and grow in my walk with the Lord. In the 20+ years of this friendship we have shared hopes and dreams, fears and doubts. We have prayed with, and for, each other. We have seen our families grow up and increase. We have shared the fun times and the tough times. She has kept me accountable and steady in my walk and when I have felt like it is all too hard she has lovingly reminded me of who God is and who I am as his daughter. What a precious blessing she has been to me and I praise God for bringing her into my life.

I think that God has given us the gift of having, and being mentors and I cannot imagine where I would be now if it wasn’t for my mentor.